Position analysis paves the way for better recruitment decisions

The time invested in the position analysis pays off in the later stages of recruitment. It enables a focus on the right aspects when preparing a job advertisement, when interviewing candidates, and when using recruitment support methods, of which psychological personnel assessment is probably the most common.

Aiming for a smoother ordering experience: personnel assessments can also be ordered online

The new order form benefits the customer organization, the candidates participating in the application processes, and Psycon. It enables faster completion of recruitment processes and a smoother order and delivery process.

From a garage project to Finland’s leading expert in psychological assessments – Psycon’s first 70 years

Over the years, the company’s services have expanded from personnel assessments to recruitment and organizational and leadership development. The cornerstones have always been keeping up with the latest research and setting high internal goals.

These traits predict safety at work – a year-long research project delves into the psychology of safe behaviour

The study examined the behaviour of new Metsä Group and Tampere Tramway employees and how well Psycon’s psychological personnel assessments could predict their occupational safety.

The ability to reflect is at the centre of leadership skills – new book states

A book curated by Psycon’s leading consultant Annastiina Mäki puts reflection at the centre of leadership skills.

Information for customers: Changes to our services in an effort to prevent the coronavirus from spreading

Measures are needed everywhere to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Meetings with customers, recruitment interviews, coaching sessions and other one-to-one meetings will be organized by means of videoconferencing.

Precautions to prevent coronavirus

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Psycon is taking special care at all its offices.

The whirlwinds of change

Flexibility in the face of change and the ability to become accustomed to new things is often the key to future working life skills. Due to changes in working life, it is necessary to be prepared to change direction and experiment with new things.

The Noble Art of Closure

Is it hard to find a common direction and a clear view of what lies ahead? Are things being discussed, but without any concrete steps being decided on?

Internal recruitment – employee’s perspective

What sorts of changes in duties and roles occur when a person changes jobs within the same organization? What are the benefits of internal transfers– and are they even a good idea from the employee’s point of view?

Employee experience gives a competitive edge

In the future, employee experience will determine which companies win the competition for the top professionals.