Our high-quality development services, such as coaching and training, are based on scientific research and an in-depth understanding of organizational psychology. We are the trusted, long-time partner of Finland’s leading organizations, helping managers and experts develop and reach their goals. We are confident in saying that we are professionals in impactful encounters.

Our principles for coaching and development programs

  • Strength-based

We recognize and enhance the existing strengths and resources.

  • Solution-focused

Our development services are goal and future-oriented. The focus is always on development and learning rather than analyzing mistakes or deficiencies.

  • Practical and impactful

We always aim for tangible change. All participants get practical tools to use in their own life and work.

Leadership development

An ever-changing world demands effective leadership. Our experienced professionals in leadership, coaching, and organizational behaviour support leaders, managers, and management teams of all sizes to lead better and implement strategy effectively.

Individual development services

Our individual development services help onboard and engage new employees, cultivate management skills, and promote resilience. Along their personalized development journey, the participants learn to leverage their full potential and discover practical tools for work and leadership.

Change management

Situations like restructuring or mergers challenge the entire organization. Our experienced leadership and psychology professionals strengthen the organization’s ability to adapt to change and guide individuals through the process.

Measurable effects

Investing in organizational development must always have concrete results. For us at Psycon, it’s paramount to produce objectively measurable effects across the organization, even when the benefits do not show immediately.

We conduct thorough scientific research to demonstrate the accuracy and impact of our services. Our follow-up studies examine indicators such as changes in leadership behaviour, management style, and employee engagement.

Psychological personnel assessment

Psychological personnel assessment, also known as suitability assessment, is an effective and reliable way to understand an individual's strengths and areas for development.
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Recruitment services

Finding the right talent for your organization is not a matter of luck. There's a professional behind every successful recruitment.
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