Effective recruitment management attracts the best experts and leaders to the organization and strengthens its expertise. A well-managed recruitment process enhances employer brand and makes the organization stand out from its competitors in the job market.

Our recruitment services and experienced professionals help organizations across industries succeed in demanding recruitment. We can lead the entire recruitment project or provide support in critical stages of the process. Additionally, we coach HR professionals and managers to develop their recruitment skills.

Recruitment advertising

We support your organization in all stages of recruitment, from defining the right candidate profile and project planning to psychological assessments and decision-making. We can lead the entire recruitment project or assist with specific stages of the process.

Recruitment advertising starts with specifying the recruitment criteria and target audience. We create a project plan, write and design the ads, and select the most influential media outlets. We can also include a simple sourcing project to reach candidates who are not actively looking for a new job or don’t follow recruitment media.

We review the applications with the client and arrange interviews with the most promising candidates. The interviews can be complemented with a psychological personnel assessment to support decision-making.

We help the organization in selecting the right candidate and inform all applicants of the decisions. Our consultants also review the process with the recruiting organization and the applicants in feedback discussions.

Recruitment advertising can consist of

  • Planning and scheduling of the recruitment process
  • Defining the recruitment need and skill profile
  • Choosing the right recruitment media
  • Planning the recruitment marketing
  • Use of Psycon’s recruitment system
  • Conducting the interviews
  • Psychological personnel assessment
  • Supporting the decision-making


Sourcing is the most efficient way to reach out to professionals not actively searching for a new job or following job postings. It’s the best method for filling demanding expert and leadership positions and can be used to complement recruitment advertising.

Sourcing is an agile and cost-effective recruitment service that can be launched quickly when needed. It includes contacting potential candidates with social media tools like LinkedIn Recruiter.

Our sourcing service covers the entire recruitment process, starting with creating a project plan and defining the recruitment criteria. We identify and contact interesting candidates and also conduct interviews when needed. After the discussions, we support managers in decision-making and communicate the results to all candidates.

Sourcing is an excellent addition to traditional recruitment advertising when the role is particularly demanding, or the need to find new talent is urgent. We can also conduct psychological personnel assessments for top applicants to support decision-making.

Benefits of using soursing for recruitment

  • Agile and fast: Sourcing can be implemented alongside recruitment advertising or as a separate assignment. It can be started quickly with a small amount of work and without major preparations.
  • Cost-effective: The costs of sourcing is based on the work done by Psycon, not on fixed fees based on the recruit’s annual salary. Using electronic tools and search engines makes the work of recruitment consultants more efficient.
  • Reaching the desired candidates: Instead of CV registers, we look for experts who are actively working and have up-to-date, desired skills.

Recruitment coaching

Hands-on recruitment coaching is an effective way to update and develop the skills of HR personnel and recruiting managers. The participants get practical tools and tips for carrying out successful recruitment processes and making better decisions.

Recruitment coaching is always tailored to the organization’s needs. It can be a short session focusing on a specific theme or a full-day program that dives into different process stages. Exercises, simulations, and group assignments put theory into practice. Our seasoned coaches have experience across multiple industries and offer fresh insights into recruitment trends.

Recruitment coaching can be conducted remotely or in person, depending on the number of participants and the organization’s preferences.

Examples of recruitment coaching themes

  • Recruitment project management and applicant experience
  • Interview skills and recruitment decision-making
  • Utilization of the data generated by the psychological personnel assessment
  • Accountable and diversity-promoting recruitment practices
  • Career coaching

Why choose Psycon?

We specialize in demanding expert and managerial level recruitments and psychological personnel assessments. Our recruitment consultants have strong expertise in labour markets, work and leadership behaviour, and recruitment marketing across industries. We have been a pioneer in recruitment and a trusted partner of leading Finnish organizations since 1953.

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