The accuracy and scientific validity of our work is fundamental to us. We want our clients to get the most reliable and up-to-date tools and methods available. That is why we invest in our own research and development activities, ensuring quality monitoring and the best services on the market.

Our research objectives

  • Continuously develop new methods
  • Use up-to-date tools
  • Produce scientifically valid research
  • Follow up on the impact of our services
  • Develop professional skills

Methods that match modern working life

While several good personality assessment tests are available globally, few can be directly applied to Finnish working life. To provide our clients with the best research-based services, many of our assessment tools are the outcome of our in-house method development.

The smaller the margin of error, the more reliable the estimates. Our exceptionally comprehensive background data includes tens of thousands of profiles. This offers a unique chance to adjust averages and other statistics to match our customers’ needs and provide results comparable with the desired target group. This also guarantees a fair and equal assessment process for all participants.

Solid validation process

We set stringent criteria for the assessment methods we use. International scientific publications have validated many of our ability and personality tests. Our associate, professor Adrian Furnham from the University College of London, has been involved in ensuring that the theoretical background of our methods is solid.

For further information on our research activities, please contact:

Mikael Nederström
Research Director, Partner