The simulations and the interview take place in Microsoft Teams meetings, for which you will receive a link by email with the invitation. You can use the Teams desktop application or the browser version, but we recommend using the desktop version for the best user and simulation experience.

Prepare in advance

Please make sure that during the meeting you are alone in a quiet place and have a well-functioning internet connection. Test your personal invitation link in good time to test the functionality of your browser/app. Also ensure that the camera and microphone are functioning.

Before your simulation or interview starts, you can connect yourself to wait in the Microsoft Teams lobby. When you click on the Teams link that you receive, the site tells you if your browser supports Teams meetings. The Teams application can be downloaded by pressing the “Download App” button. If you already have Teams, you can join the meeting directly from the start link on the page. With a supported browser, you can join a meeting by pressing the button on the page to join online.

In the group simulation, enter the first letter of your first name and the first letter of your last name as your username. If you are using a device from another organization and you have an Office 365 account for your organization, we recommend signing out of your account and using the browser version of Teams to set up your own username. Make sure you enable the use of the camera and microphone.

When the meeting starts, the person in charge of the simulation or the interviewer will admit you from the virtual lobby to the virtual interview room. If there are minor delays, do not panic and please, stay in the lobby. The person in charge of the simulation or the interview will let you in once everything is ready!

Welcome to personnel assessment

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Instructions for the online assignments in the PsycOnline system

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