In the PsycOnline system you can complete your assignments online at your own pace. After you have started completing the tasks you can pause and continue them later if you wish. You can access your assignments in the PsycOnline system by logging in with your personal login credentials that we have sent to you in the invitation email.

After logging in, change the language if necessary. The flag icons are located at the top of the screen. Before you begin your tasks, please use the upload tool in the top menu to add your CV in the system.

On the sign-in page, you can view the number of tasks assigned to you, and once you have started you can view your completion rate for each task. For each set of tasks, you will be given clear instructions on how to proceed. Complete the tasks one at a time. You can only browse forward and backward within individual tasks.

If you have questions regarding the assignments, you can contact the consultant responsible for your assessment. The contact details of our consultants can be found on our website.

If you encounter problems with PsycOnline, please contact

The PsycOnline system supports the following browsers

  • Google Chrome 32 newer versions
  • Internet Explorer 11 and newer versions
  • Safari 6 and newer versions
  • Firefox 29 and newer versions

Welcome to personnel assessment

On this page, we have compiled information for the people invited to an assessment. Here you can find information about psychological personnel assessments, the content of the assessment and its various stages.
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Instructions for the interview and simulations in Microsoft Teams

The simulations and interviews of the personnel assessments take place in Microsoft Teams. On this page you will find instructions for using Teams and preparing for the assessment.
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