Aiming for a smoother ordering experience: personnel assessments can also be ordered online


In the spring, we announced that Psycon had launched a project to further develop the process of ordering personnel assessments. Implemented with Sulava, the project aims to transfer the ordering of personnel assessments to an online form that provides customer organizations with a smoother, more secure, and more transparent ordering and delivery process.

In the summer, the development of the order form progressed to the point that the first customer organizations were able to start using the new form in the early fall. The use of the order form is intended to be extended to cover all customer organizations during the winter.

The new order form benefits the customer organization, the candidates participating in the application processes, and Psycon. It enables faster completion of recruitment processes and a smoother order and delivery process. Other benefits include:

  • Stronger data security when sending personal data and attachments
  • Start of the assessment arrangements as soon as the order is received
  • Clear communication during the assessment process to both the participants and the customer organization
  • A high-quality and standardized operating model that strengthens the employer image and the equality of participants.

Psycon’s consultants reviewed the implementation of the new order form with all customer organizations during the fall. No older ordering practices will be immediately replaced, but customer organizations will have the opportunity to implement the new method in accordance with a schedule that suits them.

Development work with a focus on customers

In addition to Psycon’s experts and Sulava, several of Psycon’s customer organizations have participated in designing the order form. Their representatives have provided feedback on the first versions of the form and helped integrate the new ordering method into the organizations’ current recruitment processes.

Riitta Vuorelma-Iho, Director, Customer Experience at Psycon, sees collecting feedback as an essential part of the development of the order form. “The development project picked up pace when customers’ requirements and our own processes changed after the pandemic. A dialog began with the aim of identifying the most critical development needs for all parties involved and formulating an ordering process that would integrate Psycon more closely into its customers’ recruitment processes.”

Feedback on the order form has been encouraging and has shown that there is customer demand for it.

“Among other features, the customer organizations that have provided feedback have praised the fluency of the new ordering method and the improved data security. The online order form has been praised for its clarity and ease of use, supporting the flow of information between organizations in order processing and invoicing, for example,” says Vuorelma-Iho.