Psycon is classified as an Achiever 2012


Psycon has been classified as an Achiever 2012 by Kauppalehti newspaper.

A company is classified as an achiever if its growth, profitability, financial structure and liquidity are in good order. Achiever status is also relative, as each company is awarded points for each key indicator on the basis of comparison with other companies across the board and within its own industry.

Likewise, the Achiever certificate shows that the management and organization of the company are working efficiently, and that the company has the required business acumen.

Tapani Haavisto, Managing Director of Psycon, rejoices at the certificate:
“We take this as recognition for the good work done by our staff. It encourages us to put effort into developing our services and upgrading the competence of our people also in future, since we want to offer our clients a long-term partnership and high-quality services.”

In addition to the Achiever 2012 -certification Psycon Corporation has received  an AAA credit worthiness classification, The Strongest in Finland – and the Green Office -certificate. Furthermore Psycon reached to the finals of Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 -competition held by Ernst & Young.