The whirlwinds of change

Flexibility in the face of change and the ability to become accustomed to new things is often the key to future working life skills. Due to changes in working life, it is necessary to be prepared to change direction and experiment with new things.

The Noble Art of Closure

Is it hard to find a common direction and a clear view of what lies ahead? Are things being discussed, but without any concrete steps being decided on?

Internal recruitment – employee’s perspective

What sorts of changes in duties and roles occur when a person changes jobs within the same organization? What are the benefits of internal transfers– and are they even a good idea from the employee’s point of view?

Employee experience gives a competitive edge

In the future, employee experience will determine which companies win the competition for the top professionals.

Self-guidance requires direction and a framework

What are the management skills that guide individuals’ work towards meaningful results, development, mastery and success?

Good person syndrome

Sometimes a person’s words and deeds contradict each other so much that behavioral scientists start to take an interest. High talk, low blows, as the Americans call it, is a psychologically interesting phenomenon.

AI eats culture for breakfast

The success factors of the future are to be found both in the renewal and growth of employees’ knowledge capital, and in the creation of an organizational culture that encourages active change.

A new supervisor may be a company’s loneliest soul

Peer support is an excellent and credible way for a new supervisor to strengthen their professional identity. However, in the absence of such systems, a new boss seldom has the courage to talk about their need for help and support.

The art of self-management

Self-management methods are not a toolbox that one puts together once and then tries to muddle through the rest of their life by using the same old tools. Self-management is a process that is fine-tuned, based on the changing situations and the wonderful unexpectedness of life.   

Concretizing clichés

The skills and competence required in working life are looking for a new structure. Perhaps the empty clichés are not completely pointless – or at least they pretty realistically indicate what the current hottest trends in working life are.

Artificial intelligence or genuine stupidity?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting everywhere. Or should I say the “AI hype?” Aside from all the fuss, not much has happened.